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  • 1 day  theory/ practice in person or  online ( 2 models required)
  • Theory in person or online
  • Private course available
  • Certified diploma


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Training includes:

  • How to perform body contouring protocols
  • Reduce adiposity
  • Lift the buttocks and slim the legs
  • Sculpt the arms
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Thin inner / outer thighs
  • Product knowledge
  • Lymphatic areas
  • Contraindication

Avant-Garde Academy is recognized by the Ministry and the AMPQ – RMQ – ANQ – ANN associations. Organization and trainers approved by the Ministère du Revenu du Québec and l’Emploi Québec.

Training recognized by insurerance comapnies. Students can obtain a tax deduction for their tuition fees by following this training.

Academie Esthetique Avant-Garde is recognized by Revenu Quebec and Emploi-Québec. The students may obtain a tax deduction for their tuition fees by completing this training.


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