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Course in IPL/LASER

    • Customer file analysis
      • Workstation preparation
      • Ethics & Hygiene
      • Security measures
      • Characteristics of the treatment
      • Physiology & skin analysis
      • The functioning of the skin
      • The physiology of the hair
      • Laser and pulsed light systems
    • Wave lengths
    • Pulse duration
    • Energy and fluency
    • UV & IR light
        • Depilation by light
        • Photo rejuvenation, acne & rosacea treatment
        • Medical information, contraindications and consent form
        • Suggested parameters
        • Protocol IPL 430-1200 nnm / 810 diode laser / 1064 NDYAG laser / we explain all parameters that exist in laser
        • Candidates for this type of treatment (hormonal problems, skin conditions)
        • Treatment process
        • Number of treatments & interval
        • Benefits of treatment
  • The results, risks, side effects, Contraindications
  • Written exam to complete course and obtain IPL/LASER  Diploma

Pre-requisites: Aesthetic or Nursing Diploma

Innocellulite Academy is recognized by Revenu Quebec and Emploi-Québec. The students may obtain a tax deduction for their tuition fees by completing this training.