Mini Aqua Facial

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  • 16 hours training ( theory / internship) with certified certificate
  • Internships with 2 models
  • Theory & practice in person
  • Online training available
  • Prerequisites: Nurse, auxiliary nurse or other professionals with experience in the field of aesthetics

Academy Esthetique Avant Garde is recognized by Revenu Quebec, Emploi-Québec and Insurance. The students may obtain a tax deduction for their tuition fees by completing this training. 0% interest financing available.

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The training includes:

  • Sterilization & hygiene
  • Understanding of different types of acids
  • Health card analysis
  • Contraindication & prevention
  • Understanding and sales technique
  • The benefits of deep exfoliation

Académie Esthétique Avant-Garde is recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Revenue and Emploi-Quebec. Students can get a tax deduction for their tuition fees by taking this training.


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